New Role as Lead Regional – Paul Winterhalter

It is with pleasure that DCCCuk announces the new lead Regional of DCCCuk is Paul Winterhalter.

Paul has been with DCCCuk management for over ten years and has served on many committees in the past. He currently volunteer as vice-chair to our chairperson, Stefan Chachulski.

We , DCCCuk, are pleased that Paul has accepted this appointment and know he will represent the regional area well and will contribute much to the deaf community at the deaf camping all over the UK.

Paul will be supporting and working together with Deaf Camping & Caravanning Club uk (DCCCuk), DCCC Northern (DCCCN), Central Deaf Camping (CDC) and Welcome Deaf Camper (WDC) to encourage in a better ways of communications.

We do looking forward to see how it going to improve for everyone at DCCCuk, DCCCN, CDC and WDC.

All the best, Paul.