DCCCuk Membership 2021

Your current DCCCuk membership 2020 will be automatically to renewal membership 2021 at free of charge because of the difficult time throughout Covid-19 lockdown during the 2020 DCCCuk events.

For those who is a newcomer, will be joined the new 2021 DCCCuk membership at the normal price as shown below;

  • 2021 DCCCuk Membership
    To become a new membership of DCCCuk for the first time that you will receive a DCCCuk programme and attend in any regions of DCCCN, CDC, WDC and DCCCuk AGM and Annual Holiday at a special price £12.50. (Those, who is making comeback to join the 2021 DCCCuk membership at £17.50*)
  • Tent Only
    For those who have only a tent owner, the new 2021 membership will be reduced to £7.50.

More information
Any enquiring, please contact the DCCCuk Secretary
by email secretary@dcccuk.com or mobile text on 07776434204.

(* Apply before 31st December 2020, £5.00 will be reduced.)

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