Updated: DCCCuk’s AGM

AGM (Updated: Monday 7th September 2020)
The DCCCuk’s AGM will be held on Sunday 13th September in the morning at 10:30am at the site’s hall which has been provisional booking, because we have to reserve the hall for 30 members attending the AGM meeting as following the COVID-19 government guideline in just case, if the number is no more than 30 members.

At the moment we have 23 units with over 40 members that meaning it’s over limited to attend the hall which is a maximum of 30 people , so we will have to held the meeting at outside of our rally site instead, if it’s more than 30 members to attend the AGM.

So let’s see what’s on the day of Sunday 13th in the morning, before 10:30am, we gathering together to find out making a decision whereabouts the AGM will be? – of course this including social distancing.

The Agenda
On your arrivals that you will be received the latest updated agenda, and anyone would like to be added the AOB (Any Other Business), please put your name and writing your AOB to give it to our DCCCuk Secretary – David Lewis before the AGM starts.

Thank you for your understanding and patient.

David Lewis
DCCCuk Secretary

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