WDC Archives (1986 – 2020)

123rd – 31st May 1986Birchington. Kent24
215th – 17th August 1986Briar Bank Touring Park, Wilstead.19
312th – 14th September 1986Debden House Campsite, Loughton.14
431st October – 1st November 1986Touchwood Sports, Oxford.9
522nd – 25th May 1987Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.11
65th – 7th June 1987Bridge Villa International Park, Wallingford.9
719th – 21st June 1987Sewardstone Caravan Park, Chingford, London17
831st July – 2nd August 1987Ivyhouse Lang, Hastings.
914th – 16th August 1987Colchester7
1011th – 13th September 1987Camping & Caravan Club, Chertsey.7
112nd – 4th October 1987Landbeach Marina Park, Waterbeach (Nr Cambridge)15
1230th October – 1st November 1987The White Horse, Husborne, Crawley, Nr Woburn.13
1315th – 17th April 1988Picketts Lock Leisure Centre, Edmonton, London.13
1423rd – 31st May 1986Emberton Country Park, Onley, Nr Newport Pagnell.11
1517th – 19th June 1988Dorking
1615th – 17th July 1988Briar Bank Touring Park, Wilstead.21
1712th – 14th August 1988Lee Valley Caravan Park, Hoddesdon.14
189th – 11th September 1988Rayleigh or Canvey Island7
197th – 9th October 1988Bridge Villa International Park, Wallingford.24
2028th – 30th October 1988The White Horse, Husborne, Crawley, Nr Woburn.9
2114th – 16th April 1989Laleham Camping Club, Laleham, Surrey.12
2219th – 21st May 1989Hardwick Parks, Standlake, Nr Witney.16
2316th – 18th June 1989Wellington Country Park, Risely, Nr Reading.15
2414th – 16th July 1989Cosgrove Lodge Park, Cosgrove, Milton Keynes.24
2511th – 13th August 1989Hurley Farms, Hurley, Nr Maidenhead.6
26August Bank HolidayNewton Mill Touring Centre, Newton St Loe, Bath.19
278th – 10th September 1989Dobbs Weir Caravan Park, Hoddesdon.11
286th – 8th October 1989East Bersholt, Nr Colchester.14
2927th – 29th October 1989The White Horse, Husborne, Crawley, Nr Woburn.23
3030th March – 1st April 1990Sandford on Thames.3
3113th – 16th April 1990The Camping & Caravan Club, Chertsey.17
324th – 7th May 1990Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.10
3311th – 13th May 1990Spalding Tulips Rally.7
3425th May – 1st June 1990The Copper Kettle, Ringwood.19
3529th June – 1st July 1990Swiss Farm Camping, Henley on Thames.15
3613th – 15th July 1990Blacklands Lakes, Calne, Nr Swindon.6
374th – 18th August 1990Roedean School, Brighton.
387th – 9th September 1990Theobalds Park, Waltham Cross.4
3921st – 23rd September 1990Highfield Farm Camping Site, Comberton, Cambridge.11
405th – 7th October 1990Southend on Sea.14
4126th – 28th October 1990The White Horse, Husborne, Crawley, Nr Woburn.12
42Easter Weekend 1991The Grange Caravan Park, East Bergholt.9
43Spring Holiday 1991Pevenesy Bay, Eastbourne.22
4414th – 16th June 1991Sandford on Thames.14
4512th – 14th July 1991Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood.11
466th – 8th September 1991Crowborough.8
4711th – 13th October 1991Great Shelford, Nr Cambridge.16
481st – 3rd November 1991The White Horse, Husborne, Crawley, Nr Woburn.29
4927th – 29th March 1992The Camping & Caravan Club, Chertsey.14
5016th – 20th April 1992Herbert Shiner School, Petworth.15
511st – 4th May1992Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.26
5226th – 28th June 1992Riverside Trailer Park, Rochford.9
5310th – 12th July 1992Hurley Caravan & Camping Site, Hurley.14
5411th – 13th September 1992Bridge Villa International Park, Wallingford.12
559th – 11th October 1992Highfield Farm Camping Site, Comberton, Cambridge.11
566th – 8th November 1992Wellington Country Park, Risely, Nr Reading.14
5726th – 28th March 1993The Camping & Caravan Club, Chertsey.13
588th – 12th April 1993Herbert Shiner School, Petworth.18
5930th April – 3rd May1993Swiss Farm Camping, Henley on Thames.17
6028th May – 5th June 1993Edithmead Trailer Park, Burnham on Sea.29
6111th – 13th June 1993R.E.A.S for Leisure, Watlington.8
6225th – 27th June 1993Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.36
639th – 11th July 1993Long Acres Farm, lingfield.21
646th – 8th August 1993Black Horse Pub, Great Missenden.14
6510th – 12th September 1993Theobalds Park, Waltham Cross.19
668th – 10th October 1993The Grange Caravan Park, East Bergholt.11
675th – 7th November 1993The White Horse, Husborne, Crawley, Nr Woburn.26
6818th – 20th March 1994The Camping & Caravan Club, Chertsey.10
6915th – 19th April 1994The Camping & Caravan Club, Crowborough.5
7010th – 12th June 1994The Camping & Caravan Club, St Neots.15
7124th – 26th June 1994Beacon Hill Leisure Park, St Lawrence Bay, Nr Southminster.7
728th – 10th July 1994Hurley Farms, Hurley, Nr Maidenhead.10
7312th – 14th August 1994The Camping & Caravan Club, Hertford.17
749th – 11th September 1994The Camping & Caravan Club, Brentwood.12
757th – 9th October 1994Highfield Farm Camping Site, Comberton, Cambridge.17
7621st – 23rd October 1994The Caravan & Camping Club, East Horsley.17
772nd – 4th November 1994Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.8
7824th – 26th March 1995The Camping & Caravan Club, Chertsey.10
7913th – 17th April 1995Sandwich Leisure Park, Sandwich24
809th – 11th June 1995Lee Valley Caravan Park, Hoddesdon.7
817th – 9th July 1995Symondstone Farm, Farnham15
8211th – 13th August 1995White Mark Farm, Watlington12
838th – 10th September 1995The Camping & Caravan Club, East Horsley.16
846th – 8th October 1995Knebworht House, Knebworth.7
853rd – 5th November 1995Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.9
8622nd – 24th March 1996The Camping & Caravan Club, Chertsey.15
875th – 8th April 1996Debden House Campsite, Loughton.23
8825th May – 1st June 1996Hawthorn Farm, Dover43
8914th – 16th June 1996The Camping & Caravan Club, St Neots.16
9028th – 30th June 1996Swiss Farm Camping, Henley on Thames.28
919th – 11th August 1996Rayland Caravan Park, Horsham
9224th -31st August 1996Norden Farm Touring Caravan & Camping Site, Wakeham40
9313th – 15th September 1996The Caravan & Camping Club, Styants Bottom, Nr Seal.12
9411th – 13th October 1996Touchwood Sports, Oxford.17
951st – 3rd November 1996Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.
9627th – 31st March 1997Debden House Campsite, Loughton.23
9718th – 20th April 1997Bridge Villa International Park, Wallingford.12
982nd – 5th May 1997Long Acres Farm, Lingfield.
9924th – 31st May 1997Waldegraves Holiday Park, Mersea Island.36
10013th – 15th June 1997Rayland Caravan Park, Horsham10
10111th – 13th July 1997Woolman’s Wood Caravan & Camping Park, Rochester.
1028th – 10th August 1997The Camping & Caravan Club, Hertford.14
10323rd – 30th August 1997Waldegraves Holiday Park, Mersea Island.36
10412th – 14th September 1997The Camping & Caravan Club, Cambridge.
10510th – 12th October 1997Touchwood Sports, Oxford.22
10631st October – 2nd November 1997Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.
10727th – 29th March 1998The Camping & Caravan Club, East Horsley.19
1089th – 13th April 1998Hardwick Parks, Standlake, Nr Witney.17
1091st – 4th May 1998Harbour Side Holiday Caravan & Camping, Portsmouth.5
11022nd – 31st May 1998Blue Sky Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth.22
11112th – 14th June 1998Lee Valley Caravan Park, Hoddesdon.16
11210th – 12th July 1998Wellington Country Park, Risely, Nr Reading.9
1137th – 9th August 1998The Camping & Caravan Club, St Neots.21
11421st – 31st August 1998Bagwell Farm Touring Park, Weymouth.39
11511th – 13th September 1998Whitebread Hop Farm, Tonbridge.17
1169th – 11th October 1998Touchwood Sports, Oxford.19
11730th October – 1st November 1998Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.16
1181st – 5th April 1999Pine Lodge Touring Park, Maidstone.28
11930th May – 3rd May 1999Lee Valley Leisure Centre, Edmonton.20
12028th May – 6th June 1999Cobbs Hill Farm, Bexhill on Sea.26
12118th – 20th June 1999Highclere Farm Country Touring Park, Beaconsfield.21
1229th – 11th July 1999Holdenby House, Holdenby, Northampton.22
12327th – 30th August 1999Coombe Touring Caravan Park, Salisbury.14
12410th – 12th Septeber 1999The Camping & Caravanning Club, Brentwood15
1258th – 10th October 1999The Camping & Caravanning Club, Chertsey18
12624th – 26th March 2000Lee Valley5
12720th – 24th April 2000Beale Park, Reading.11
12826th May – 4th June 2000White Rose, Littlehampton. 22
12916th – 18th June 2000Wyatts Covert, Denham, Uxbridge11
1307th – 9th July 2000The Camping & Caravanning Club, Canterbury7
1314th – 6th August 2000Swiss Farm Camping, Henley on Thames.9
13218th – 28th August 2000The Grange Caravan Park, East Bergholt.23
1336th – 8th October 2000The Camping & Caravanning Club, Theobalds Park19
1344th – 7th May 2001Abbey Wood Caravan & Camping Site, Abbey Wood, London5
13525th May – 3rd June 2001Sandwich Leisure Park, Sandwich10
13615th – 17th June 2001Beacon Hill Leisure Park, St Lawrence Bay, Nr Southminster.4
13719th August – 2nd September 2001Ninham Country Holidays, Shanklin, Isle of Wight17
13814th – 16th September 2001The Camping & Caravanning Club, Great Shelford, Cambridge6
13912th – 14th October 2001The Camping & Caravanning Club, East Horsley11
1403rd – 6th March 2002Emberton Country Park, Onley, Nr Newport Pagnell.11
14131st may – 9th June 2002Waldegraves Holiday Park, Mersea Island.18
14221st – 23rd June 2002Hatfield Park, Hatfield House, Herts.6
14316th – 26th June 2002Beacon Hill Touring Park, Blanford Road, Poole.17
14411th – 13th October 2002The Camping & Caravanning Club, Chertsey17
14518th – 21st April 2003Basingstoke Canal, 7
14630th May – 7th June 2003Farm Meadow Caravan & Camping Park8
14713th – 15th June 2003Beale Park, Reading10
14818th – 20th July 2003The Wagon & Horse, Steeple Morden, Hertfordshire7
14916th – 25th August 2003Bagwell Farm Touring Park, Weymouth13
15010th – 12th October 2003The Camping & Caravanning Club, Chertsey11
1519th – 12th April 2004Cotswold View Camping & Caravan Park, Charlbury.10
15230th April – 3rd May 2004Sandy Balls Holiday Centre, Godshall, Fordingbridge. 7
15328th May – 6th June 2004Sandwich Leisure Park, Sandwich13
15411th – 13th June 2004Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton.10
15524th – 28th March 2005Hurley Riverside Park, Hurley on Thames9
15621st – 24th April 2005Peterborough Motorhome Show, Peterborough8
15712th – 15th June 2005Newbury Motorcaravan Show, Newbury4
15817th – 19th June 2005The Fox and Duck,5
15915th – 17th July 2005Heighclere Farm Park, 6
16019th – 29th August 2005Trumpet inn, Ledbury19
16124th – 26th March 2006Tithe Farm Caravan & Camping Site4
16220th – 23rd April 2006Peterborough Motorhome Show, Peterborough.11
16311th – 14th May 2006Newbury Motorcaravan Show, Newbury.3
16426th May – 3rd June 2006Trumpet Inn, Ledbury.37
16514th – 16th July 2006Swiss Farm International Touring and Camping, Henley.12
1665th – 9th April 2007Park Farm Caravan & Camping Site6
16726th – 30th April 2007Peterborough Motorhome Show, Peterborough.16
16822nd – 24th June 2007Doreswall hall 9
16910th – 17th August 2007Western MMM Malvern10
17021st – 24th March 2008The Deers Hut Public House8
17124th – 28th April 2008Peterborough Motorhome Show, Peterborough.5
1722nd – 5th May 2008Spalding Flower Show, Gleed Girls School.24
17320th – 22nd June 2008Lorkins Farm, Orsett, Grays, Essex.3
17427th – 29th June 2008Banbury Steam Show, Buckinghamshire7
17518th – 20th July 2008Swiss Farm International Touring and Camping, Henley.10
17619th – 21st September 2008Wellington Country Park, Risely, Nr Reading.12
17723rd – 27th April 2009Peterborough Motorhome Show, Peterborough.7
17826th – 28th June 2009Radwell Mill Lake Site5
17916th – 30th August 2009Watermouth Valley Camping Park17
1802nd – 5th April 2010Burton Hill Caravan Park,3
18122nd – 26th April 2010Peterborough Motorhome Show, Peterborough.5
18226th April – 3rd May 2010Top End Village Stores and Caravan Site11
18328th – 31st May 2010Stonham Barns Caravan and Camping Park, 6
18425th – 28th June 2010Bloxham Vintage Rally6
18527th – 31st August 2010Sandwich Leisure Park, Sandwich5
18629th April – 2nd May 2011Huntingdon Boathaven & Camping Park7
18727th May – 4th June 2011Hill Cottage Farm Caravaning & camping Park19
1888th – 10th July 2011Bradfield10
1896th – 9th June 2012Polstead Camping and Caravanning Club5
19021st – 24th June 2012Bloxham Vintage Rally3
19117th – 24th August 2012Lucksall Caravan and Camping Park, Mordiford8
1923rd – 6th May 2013Two Acres Caravan &Camping, Little Thetford, Ely11
19325th May – 1st June 2013Steading Park Campsite, Newbourne, nr Ipswich5
19423rd – 26th August 2013Rutland Caravan & Camping, Greetham, Ruthland4
19518th -21st April 2014Orwell Meadows Ipswich Suffolk4
19618th – 21st July 2014Northey Lodge Peterborough13
1971st – 4th May 2015The Green Man,Fakenham6
19810th – 12th July 2015Homestead Lake Park,Weeley,Clacton-on-Sea3
19927th May – 3rd June 2016Riverside Caravan Park,Stratford-Upon-Avon 14
2005th – 7th August 2016The Waggon &Horses,Steeple Morden,Herts7
20123rd – 25th September 2016Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood.5
20226th -29th May 2017Burgleigh Hill,St Ives6
20330th June – 2nd July 2017Long Melford Suffolk4
2048th – 10th September 2017Lee Valley,Herts3
2054th – 7th May 2018Kings Lynn Caravan Park, Norfolk6
20620th – 27th July 2018Brewster Farm, Ansty, Dorest4
20731st August – 2nd September 2018Applewood countryside Park, Banham, Norfolk7
2083rd – 6th May 2019Ridgemont Beds6
20912th – 14th July2019Hardwick Park Campsite Standlake nr Witney3
2107th – 9th September 2019White House Farm Campsite, Diss3
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