7) 2010 DCCCN – Croston, Lancashire

DCCC Northern Rally No. 7

Thursday 30th December 2010  till  Monday 3rd January 2011.
(New Year’s Festive – Celebration Rally)

Marshal :- David Lewis

The Royal Umpire Touring Park,
Southport Road,
PR26 9JB.

Webite :- The Royal Umpire Touring Park

Site :- £11.00 per night

DCCCN Evening Dinner :- £15 per person / £7.99 for the child (Age up to 12 years old.) for the Evening Dinner on 31st December 2010.

Deadline for deposit :-
Full amount to be posted before deadline on Wednesday 1st December 2010.
(Cheque payable to DCCC”N” and post to David Lewis.)

Application Form :-
Please click here for Dinner Menu & Booking Form.