1) 2010 DCCCuk Holiday Annual – Hawchurch, Axminster, Devon

DCCCuk (Holiday Annual 2010)

Saturday 24th July 2010  till  Saturday 31st July 2010.
(7 nights / one week at DCCCuk Annual Holiday)

Marshal :-

Hawkchurch Country Park,
EX13 5UL.

Webite :- Hawkchurch Country Park

Site :-
£18.00* per night (including hook-up, awning and two adults).
Extra costs for Adult at £3.00 / Child (Age 5-16) at £2.00.

(* From minimum 10 units onwards that we will get 10% discount, so please book direct to DCCCuk.)
Pet welcome – dog must be on lead all the times.

Deadline for deposit :- £52.00 to be posted before deadline on Thursday 1st April 2010, sending to DCCCuk Head Office.

This campsite is nearby the border of Dorest, closing to the beach at Lyme Regis where there has a shop called Bizley Art, which is owned by a deaf artist, Richard Bilzey.