7) 2010 WDC – Sandwich, Kent

WDC Rally No. 07

Friday 20th August 2010  till  Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2010
(7 nights / one week :-  Friday 20th August 2010  till  Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2010)
(3 nights / main weekend :- Friday 27th August 2010 till Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2010)

Marshal :- Valerie Temple

Located :-
Sandwich Leisure Ltd.,
Woodnesborough Road,
CT13 0AA.

Website :- Sandwich Leisure Ltd

Site :– £25.00 per night (including up to four people and hook-up), plus WDC surcharge fee at £0.50 for those who spend the time at the weekend only, others for staying a week will be paid £1.00.
Extra costs for a dog at £1.50 per night.

Deadline for deposit:-
£10.00 to be posted before deadline on Tuesday 1st June 2010.

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