6) 2011 WDC – Horam, Essex

Discover Hidden Spring
Visit the vines up-close, discover the winery and explore the wines.

Every tour includes…
Tour of the vineyard, seeing the vines, how they grow and produce grapes
Tour of the winery, seeing the press, tanks and other facilities used to make our wine
Tutored tasting of four still and sparkling wines in the comfort of the purpose-built Tasting Room.



Friday 23rd September 2011  till Sunday 25th September 2011
Tasting Weekend

2011 Pitch address
Hidden Spring Vineyard
Vine Cross Road
TN21 0HG

Map / Direction
TN21 0HG

Hidden Spring Vineyard


Valerie Temple

£12.00 including two adult (extra for child at £3.00 each and adult at £5.00 each, awning at £3.00) per night plus WDC surcharge fee at £0.50.
(Recommended to bring your bike.)

Full facilities.


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