2021 WDC Rally No.04 – The Duke at Clifton, Oxfordshire

Rally Report from Welcome Deaf Camper (WDC) – September 2021


The Duke Campsite
We arrived at the Duke campsite in glorious sunshine and
were welcomed by our new marshal. Sylvia Simmonds.

Parked the van, hooked up and filled up with water.
We finally got 12 units on site, as other two members had to cancel for various reasons.

Meet and Greet was instantly and
we were able to enjoy the drinking and
foods made by Jane Dickenson & Brenda Jones.

No Chef available in the site-pub but stills great alterative
that they were allowed to order their take-away
and eating in their table at the pub instead
which it was great hospitality!

A 17th Century Grade II listed thatched charming country inn ideally
for gain together socially and provided a fire pit at the site
that the Duke has everything we needed.

WDC’s Open Meeting
It was held at outside with glorious sunshine in the morning
and welcomed by our WDC team leader, Stefan Chachulski.
Within 35 minutes briefing a meeting was useful to share with our people
who are needed preparing to support WDC which has in keeping going-on.

On the following days some of them went their separate ways
visiting by bus or car the surrounding areas at Banbury
and Woodstock where Sir Winton Churchill’s birthplace.

On Saturday there were many welcome visitors
turned up to join and meet us at the campsite,
they were delighted to enjoy themselves.
Photography Crash Course
A step-by-step quick simple course
to understand how to use camera properly.

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2021 WDC Rally No.04 – The Duke of Clifton, Oxfordshire.


Recommend / Feedback
Positive feedback that they want to go back here again in 2023!


Reported by
WDC Marshal,
Sylvia Simmonds

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