In 1972, before 1974 …

In 1972, before 1974 …
(According to Michael Webster’s reports.)
Firstly in 1972, Michael Webster, William Rowley, Tony Beasley, and William Strokes were together in Coventry for British Deaf Association Midlands Regional Council Dance Night. At the party night, they brought up the ideal to create a new deaf camping as they strongly felt that would be developed to encourage the deaf folks who had their tents or caravans to be gained and interested in deaf camping for the occupied weekends.

They were setting a trail for the deaf camping at Drayton Manor Park in Tamworth for the weekend of May 1974 with about 10 units attended.

On Sunday morning of May 1974 the deaf people who were at the camping site to deliver their inaugural lecture to select as new role officials to run the deaf camping for the first time official DCCC rally site to be held at Ranksborough Hall, Oakham at Leicestershire in October 1974.

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